Retaining Walls

In northern Utah, retaining walls are necessary for many homeowners. This is especially true if you hope to make full use of a sloping or unlevel homesite. But, even if your lot doesn’t require structural retention, a natural rock wall can bring a new level of function and beauty to any yard.

Hawker Landscape can install block, rock or boulder retaining walls as a part of our comprehensive landscape installation and materials delivery services.

The Beauty and Function of Rock Retaining Walls


If your landscape design incorporates natural rock or boulders, a rock retaining wall system is ideal for creating a cohesive design. Natural rocks and boulders help your landscaping blend with and enhance the natural topography of our beautiful state.

As beautiful as they are, rock wall designs epitomize the combination of form and function. In fact, many landscape architects and engineers recommend this material for large retaining walls because they allow the soil to drain.

Clean and Modern Block Retention Walls

If you prefer a more contemporary style, block retention walls may be better suited to your home’s landscaping layout.

Block retention systems are just as effective as rock or boulder walls for stabilizing the soils around your home, while offering a versatile backdrop for your landscape plants and decorative elements.

If you desire a terraced design for your homesite, or a variety of usable levels in the yard, block walls are an ideal choice for soil retention.

Add Retaining Walls to Enhance Landscaping

To create a beautiful environment you’ll enjoy for years, you will devote a great deal of time – and financial resources – to your home’s landscape and hardscape elements. Don’t detract from that natural beauty with unsightly retention walls.

Whether you choose to design your retainage structures with block or rock, ensure that they create a cohesive element in your yard. The Hawker team can assist you not only with the construction of your retaining walls but installing appropriate landscape elements as well.

Consider adding landscape trees, shrubs and decorative plants to help mask large retention walls. We can help you select low-maintenance and low-water-use plant materials to ensure an easy-care environment. Instead of turf, consider using landscape rock in these areas as well, as mowing along steep retention walls can present a maintenance challenge.

At Hawker Landscape Services LLC, we offer an extensive line of landscape materials and products as well as landscape installation and sprinkler systems. Serving West Jordan UT and the entire Salt Lake County area, our services are tailored to meet your goals. With an obsession for quality and exceptional customer care, trust the Hawker team for all of your landscape needs.

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