Sprinkler Systems

Installing a sprinkler system ensures that your lawn and landscape always look their best. But did you know that a professionally installed watering system will also save water?

When your landscaping and grass receive the proper amount of water at the appropriate times of day, your plants will thrive. In West Jordan, Utah, and the surrounding communities, Hawker Landscape Services LLC offers expert lawn sprinkler system installation for your project.

Sprinklers Protect Your Landscaping Investment

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Whether you are planning a new landscape installation or simply want to improve your existing design, a sprinkler system is the most effective way to care for your yard.

Our fickle Northern Utah climate stresses plants and turf to its limits. Without the proper maintenance, plants and grass become unhealthy, inviting in pests, weeds and disease. If you find yourself constantly having to over-seed, lay new sod and replace landscaping plants, it’s time to consider installing a sprinkler system.

Lawn Sprinklers Cut Water Use

If you’ve ever watered your lawn or landscaping by hand, you know what a hassle it is. You forget to move the hose and overwater portions of the grass, causing a soggy mess and wasting hundreds of gallons of water – water that you must pay for.

A lawn sprinkler system is programmed to meet the exact needs of your turfgrass and plants, based on the season and the weather. Not only will this take great care of your plant materials but it will also ensure you don’t waste a drop of water.

Installing a New Sprinkler System

When you plan your new landscaping installation, talk to us about including a new sprinkler system as well.

When you include an automatic watering system as a part of your project, you can ensure that each zone is fully covered. And, excavating for the underground water lines can be accomplished as a part of the overall work.

However, the Hawker team can handle installing your sprinklers even if your landscaping and sod are already in place.

Sprinkler System Repair or Expansion

If you already have an automatic watering system in place, we can also assist you with expanding or updating it.

If you have changed your landscape design, or if you plan to add new plants or areas of turf, updating your sprinklers is necessary to adapt to these modifications. Planning your watering system for future expansion ensures that your future needs are easily accommodated.

Today’s technology allows you to save even more water, through the use of weather sensors and “smart” controllers. And, for those times when water conservation is required, your programming can be easily adapted to observe those restrictions.

Hawker Landscape Services also provides Utah homeowners with landscape installation, materials delivery and hauling services. Contact our West Jordan UT office today to learn more about adding an automatic lawn sprinkler system for your home.