Sand and Roadbase Delivery

Hawker Landscape Services offers the largest variety of sand, gravel and road base products for delivery throughout northern Utah.

Our company focuses exclusively on delivering the finest topsoil, fill dirt, gravel, sand, road base and landscaping materials to customers along the Wasatch Front. Because this is our core business, we understand the importance of aggressive pricing with exceptional customer service.

Whatever your needs, we can provide the right product in the quantity you need. With a strong emphasis on quality and timely response, we have established ourselves as the premier locally owned and operated sand delivery company in West Jordan and throughout Salt Lake County.

Trust Hawker Landscape Services for Your Sand Delivery Needs

Whether you need sand for bedding, for setting pavers or building a backyard playground, the Hawker team has what you need.

Our sand is screened to provide the optimal leveling for your setting pavers and filling in between them. We go the extra mile with our materials, sifting and refining to help prevent settling, cracking and shifting.

From fine and medium coarse to coarse texture, you can use our products for volleyball courts, sand boxes and a variety of construction applications.

Hawker Provides Road Base Delivery throughout Northern Utah

Road base, also known as road gravel, asphalt base and road rock, is specifically designed as an underlayment material for paving projects. The quality of the finished driveway or road depends largely on the quality of the base material.

Road base is comprised of particles that vary in size, which facilitates a high level of compaction. Once compacted, this layer resists moisture and movement, providing long-term stability for the road surface.

Crushed limestone road base is used for both large and small scale construction, ranging from residential to commercial and large industrial projects. Our base products are specifically selected for hardness and durability, to provide a long-lasting support structure.

At Hawker Landscape Services, we offer both Class I and Class II road base, with quick delivery to your desired location. Whether you need a few cubic yards or a full fleet of dump trucks full, our prices are the most aggressive in the region.

Exceptional Quality and Customer Service from Hawker Landscape Services

The Hawker team is committed to providing the highest level of customer service in the industry. In addition to sand and road base products, we also offer quick delivery of gravel, boulders, topsoil and mulch.

We also offer haul off and debris removal services as an added convenience for our customers.

No matter what materials you need for your project, trust Hawker Landscape to provide the highest quality and best price for gravel, road base and sand delivery in northern Utah.