Mulch and Compost

In northern Utah, the need for mulch and compost is much greater than in many other parts of the country. Although we have so much to love here, our native soil leaves a bit to be desired.

Compost and mulch provide a variety of soil-amending properties, adding nutrients, improving moisture retention and giving plants the opportunity to grow and thrive.

Even if the dirt in your location is better than most, plants, turf grass, trees and shrubs leech nutrients from the soil every year, depleting it over time.

Soil Amendments, Compost and Mulch Delivered to Your Door

You know the importance of watering and fertilizing your plants, but did you now you have to care for the soil just as diligently?

Amending your soil improves it significantly, providing a healthy base to grow the plants you love. Whether you cultivate a vegetable garden, bright annual flowers or a variety of landscape plants, you can improve their beauty by improving the soil they rely on.

Not to mention, adding compost and other soil amendments helps protect your landscape or garden investment.

When you create an ideal growing environment for plants and grass, you encourage biodiversity in the soil. This helps to discourage damaging pests and weeks, while encouraging an environmental balance.

Healthy soil attracts beneficial insects and elements that act as efficient controls for weeds and pests.

Decorative Mulch Beautifies and Protects Your Landscaping

Mulch can give your soil a needed boost but, when used as a decorative element for top dressing, it can provide a layer of critical protection. Using mulch in planers, raised beds and landscaping features helps retain moisture in the soil below. It also serves to discourage weeds and damaging pests.

Best of all, mulch can be as beautiful as it is beneficial to your landscaping! Whether you prefer the look of natural shredded bark

The Magic of Compost, Delivered to Your Door in Northern Utah

If you’re like most people, creating your own compost isn’t something you have the time or energy to do.

Using yard clippings and kitchen scraps to create a magic plant mixture can provide many benefits, but the drawbacks often stand in the way. The smell, the constant stirring and – perhaps most alarming of all – the potential for a compost fire discourage most busy families from creating enough compost to meet their needs.

Hawker Landscape Services is proud to offer some of the richest, most beneficial compost in Salt Lake County. Our natural compost is an all-purpose blend designed to provide all the benefits of creating your own compost, without all that hassle.

Whatever your landscape materials needs, the Hawker team will deliver them to your door. We offer the highest level of customer service and satisfaction and no-hassle delivery to your door. And we promise you’ll love our aggressive pricing, with no hidden fees or surcharges.

Contact Hawker Landscape Services today to learn more about our landscaping and construction products and hauling services. Located in West Jordan, we will provide delivery to your location throughout northern Utah.

Give us a call today to place your order for compost and mulch delivery in the Salt Lake City area.